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We provide SIA Licensed Labour to our customers within the UK. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver top-quality security personnel for all your needs. Our dedicated team in Ilford, United Kingdom, ensures that you receive dependable and skilled professionals who are trained and certified to handle various security challenges.

What sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to excellence and personalized service. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to meet them effectively. Whether you need security guards, door supervisors, or event staff, our comprehensive range of SIA licensed professionals is available to protect your assets and maintain a safe environment. Trust us as your reliable partner in securing your business operations.


Reliable Labour Provider for Your Business


Our dog handlers are good visual restraint to criminals that want to protect unauthorized access to site or properties. It doesn’t matter which site or premises you own, choosing us as your dog handler MHR SUPPORT LTD service, will be the perfect choice of yours. Sites or premises that are left unmanned for several hours or overnight can be a target for thieves or vandals, especially construction sites, railway sites, and festival sites, where expensive equipment may be left out un-securely. On-site, our dog handlers giving routine patrol, looking out for any potential threat in your security. Our security dog handlers MHR are an extremely effective and shield to criminals.


Security for Construction site is most important. Most building and construction sites are vulnerable and targets for thieves as they contain a lot of high value plant, materials, and equipment. Giving security for construction sites can be very challenging because they are day to day vary. When construction project starts lots of people they need to come and exit and valuable materials, machines are left in site. That’s why it’s very important to have professional security. MHR SUPPORT LTD have highly qualified security personnel who you can relay and trust.


MHR SUPPORT LTD provides tailored patrol guarding services for the Home, Construction, Commercial, retail, and industry sectors. This provides clients throughout London and the UK with personal, proactive protection against crime, theft, vandalism, and other crimes. We provide security guards for temporary and permanent security guarding contracts.


MHR SUPPORT LTD provides tailored patrol guarding services for the Home, Construction, Commercial, retail, and industry sectors. This provides clients throughout London and the UK with personal, proactive protection against crime, theft, vandalism, and other crimes. We provide security guards for temporary and permanent security guarding contracts.


"Secure Your Property with Professional Manned Guarding Services! Our trained security personnel are dedicated to protecting your property and ensuring a safe environment for residents and tenants.


The Perfect Combination of Security and Hospitality! Our manned guards double as friendly and knowledgeable concierge staff, ensuring that residents and visitors feel welcomed and secure.

Why MHR Support Ltd is Your Trusted Labour Provider

Reliable Workforce

Experience peace of mind with our dependable and skilled team, delivering high-quality work and exceptional service.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Efficiently manage fluctuating workloads with our flexible staffing options, ensuring your business has the right resources at the right time.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our deep understanding of the labour market and industry-specific needs, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet your requirements.



MHR SUPPORT LTD provides professional, expert, and highly qualified security personnel across the England and Wales and the whole UK. We work shoulder to shoulder with our client and private sectors, a wide range of industries. We shall deliver quality service at the competitive prices; we shall exert oneself to retain a good percentage of our existing clients and we shall provide a good working environment to our security guards.
We shall strive our best to set high standards in all aspects of security guarding services. We shall create a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers. We shall recognize and appreciate the marketplace.

What Our Clients Say

We were extremely satisfied with the labour services provided by MHR Support Ltd. Their team ensured that we had skilled and reliable workers for our construction project in Ilford. They were prompt, professional, and delivered exceptional results. We highly recommend MHR Support Ltd for all your labour needs.

---Shane edge

MHR Support Ltd has been our go-to labour provider for the past year, and we couldn't be happier with their services. Their team always goes above and beyond to meet our staffing requirements, even on short notice. Their communication is excellent, and the workers they provide are highly skilled and dedicated. Choosing MHR Support Ltd was one of the best decisions we made for our business in Ilford.

---Gavin page

As a construction company operating in Ilford, finding a reliable labour provider was crucial for our projects. MHR Support Ltd exceeded our expectations with their exceptional services. Their workers are always on time, diligent, and skilled in their respective fields. We appreciate the partnership we have developed with MHR Support Ltd, and we highly recommend their services to other businesses in need of reliable labour.


Accreditations & Guarantees

Trusted Accreditations and Guarantees for Your Labour Provider

At our labour provider business, we understand the importance of industry accreditations, certifications, and guarantees. We are proud to hold several esteemed accreditations that validate our commitment to providing high-quality and reliable labour services. Our certifications ensure that we meet rigorous standards set by industry leaders, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are partnering with a trusted and reliable labour provider.

                      NASDU CERTIFIED

We have been awarded the Nasdu certification, which demonstrates our strong commitment. This certification affirms our dedication to consistently delivering excellent labour services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

SafeContractor Approved

As a SafeContractor approved labour provider, we prioritize the health and safety of our workers and clients. This accreditation ensures that we adhere to rigorous health and safety standards, providing a secure working environment for everyone involved.

COP-119 Certified

COP 119 is a Code of Practice for the ‘Provision of Labour in the Security and Events Sectors’. It is a way of evidencing to the purchasers of the labour that individuals provided as labour have been screened to industry standards, are being paid through a PAYE system, and the labour provision company is operating properly.

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